Thick Vanilla budino

Thick and creamy vanilla flavoured budino

Mixes for chocolate and vanilla flavoured pudding ideal for achieving maximum creaminess.

The recipe to be sweetened with sugar allows to dose the sugar at will or substitute it with alternative sweeteners.


Box 8 servings

Mix for thick vanilla flavoured budino to sweeten with sugar

Advice for a good preparation:

Add ½ litre of milk to the content of one sachet and 50/55 g of sugar.
The sugar can be replaced by a low calorie sweetener suitable for cooking.


Pour the content of one sachet into a casserole and add 50/55 g of sugar (3 tbsp.). Add one part of the ½ litre of milk, mixing to obtain a lump free cream.
Add the remaining milk, bring to the boil and boil for 2 minutes over a moderate flame stirring continuously.
Pour into one mould or into 4 single use dose moulds. The Thick Budino can be served cold after 2 hours in the fridge or warm in a serving bowl.

Try the Chocolate flavour!

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