Hazelnut pudding

mix for hazelnut pudding

"Crema da Tavola" (Creamy Dessert) is the most classic of all mixes of Elah Home Confectionery. It was born with Elah in the distant 1909 and since then it has delighted the meals of millions of Italians.

its secret lies in its goodness: simple raw ingredients like fine granulated sugar, native corn starch, and a top quality gelling agent which comes from marine algae of the North seas, carrageenan.

Large selection of flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Gianduja, Almond Chocolate, Amaretto with ready- made garnish, Strawberry with ready-made garnish, Hazelnut.

On the back of each box is a mouth-watering idea to create and present tasty alternatives to the traditional preparation.


Box 4 servings

Mix for hazelnut pudding

Advice for a good preparation

Add ½ litre of milk to the content of one sachet.

Pour the content of one sachet into a casserole and add one part of the ½ litre of milk, mixing to obtain a lump-free cream.

Add the remaining milk, bring to the boil and boil for 3 minutes over a moderate flame stirring continuously. For a quicker preparation, whisk the mix in the milk which has been previously heated.

Distribute the garnish into a single mould or into 4 single dose moulds and pour the mix on top.

The Crema da Tavola can be taken out of the moulds after 2 hours in the fridge or after 4 hours at room temperature.

A mouth-watering idea.. with hazelnut praline:

Caramelize 3 spoons of sugar with 1 spoon of honey and one of water over a flame, add 25 g of toasted hazelnut chips and lay on oven paper.

Garnish the unmoulded Crema da Tavola with crumbled praline and hazelnuts.

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