Chocolate Buon Dessert

An excellent pudding, soft, creamy and easy to make.

An excellent pudding, soft, creamy and easy to make. Buon Dessert is much more! A very versatile mix which allows you, with extreme ease, to prepare many desserts with the addition of a few ingredients!

Fried cream

Chocolate and strawberry cake
e fragole

Shortcrust pastry
and biscuits

Custard cream

Chantilly Cream



Box 8 servings

Mix for chocolate Buon Dessert

Advice for a good preparation:

Add ½ litre of milk to the content of one sachet.
For the two sachets, which makes 8 servings, add 1 litre of milk.


Pour the content of one sachet into a casserole and add one part of the ½ litre of milk, mixing to obtain a lump-free cream. 

Add the remaining milk, bring to the boil and boil for 2 minutes over a moderate flame stirring continuously. For a quicker preparation, whisk the mix in the milk which has been previously heated.
Pour into one mould or into 4 single use dose moulds. 
Buon Dessert can be served cold after 2 hours in the fridge or warm in a serving bowl.


Buon Dessert, an excellent pudding, can be used as a base to obtain many different desserts with the addition of fresh ingredients and recipes which Elah proposes.

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