Instant Chocolate Cream

Ready in just 30 seconds and no cooking required.

An instant cream, available in both vanilla and chocolate flavour. Ready in just 30 seconds and no cooking required, it can be a delicious dessert but also a fast solution for filling and enriching any kind of dessert.


Box 4 servings

Mix for instant cold chocolate cream, no cooking required.

Advice for a good preparation:

Add 300 ml (=309 g) of whole milk to the content of the sachet.


Pour the milk and the content of the sachet into a high, narrow container and mix. 
Whisk, vigorously and continuously, with a hand whisk for 30 seconds; alternatively use a blender for not more than 15 seconds.  
Serve in a serving bowl or use as filling for desserts.

The Crema Instantanea 30 secondi by ELAH is simple to make and ready immediately, because there is no cooking required. It is excellent as either a creamy dessert or as a filling for delicious desserts.

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