Cocoa is the protagonist of myths and legends, belonging to the Mesoamerican world which connects it to the divine. Both the Mayans and the Aztecs used its seeds for beverages, food and as currency.

The cocoa tree loves hot, humid and shady climates: it is found in fact in the equatorial zone where it can reach a height of 15 metres. Its flowers and, consequently, its fruits, are on the trunk and on the large branches.
The fruits, called cabosse, are very similar to melons and their colour can vary from green to yellow to red, depending on the variety; their rind, thick and resistant, encloses from 30 to 50 seeds, called cocoa beans, arranged in rows and immersed in a whitish, sugary pulp.
The cocoa beans are similar to large almonds and their taste is very different to that of the cocoa we know.

Novi purchases cocoa from distant countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Ghana… and it undergoes its initial processing when its fruits are fresh and fragrant.
The cabosse, removed manually from the plant, are brought to collection areas where they are opened and their pulp, with the seeds, is separated from the rind.

After drying and essication, the beans are put into Juta sacks and embark on a long journey to the Novi chocolate factory. An interesting piece of information: to make a 100g bar of cioccolato fondente extra requires approx. 80 cocoa beans, almost 2 cabosse!

The production process of our chocolate occurs entirely in our factory, and involves different stages.
The beans are placed inside a large toasting plant which refines and exalts the aromas of the cocoa which, once finely ground, is transformed into the "liquor" or "cocoa paste".
The cocoa paste, joined to the sugar, produces a mix which is first passed in the kneading machine and later conveyed to large heated containers called “conches”.
During the conching phase, which is a long process, the chocolate takes on its unmistakable perfume and typical creamlike quality. Once it has been poured into the moulds and packaged, the chocolate will become a rich bar.. a great nocciolato with the best whole local hazelnuts.. a classic gianduiotto.. a delicious praline.

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