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New look for Big Fruit but the same flavour

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Discover Novi chocolate.

The fascinating journey of Novi chocolate.
From its countries of origin to its packaging.
cioccolato novi

About chocolate.

Everyone talks about the chocolate.
Discover the most interesting articles.


  • Mix for vanilla Buon Dessert
    An excellent pudding, soft, creamy and easy to make.

  • Vanilla pudding
    Mix for vanilla pudding

  • Chocolate pudding
    mix for chocolate pudding

  • Crème caramel
    Crème caramel

  • Thick Vanilla budino
    Thick and creamy vanilla flavoured budino

  • Mix for Doughnuts
    A soft and mouth-watering Elah exclusive.

  • Instant Vanilla Cream
    Ready in just 30 seconds and no cooking required.

  • Mix for Margerita cake
    The most traditional of all homemade desserts

  • Tantetorte mix
    Innovative gluten-free product to make one of ten different types of cakes.

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