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New look for Big Fruit but the same flavour

Nuovi prodotti

New products.

Discover all our new products.
cioccolato novi

Discover Novi chocolate.

The fascinating journey of Novi chocolate.
From its countries of origin to its packaging.
cioccolato novi

About chocolate.

Everyone talks about the chocolate.
Discover the most interesting articles.


  • Mix for Doughnuts
    A soft and mouth-watering Elah exclusive.

  • Cubik
    Classic Mou sweet full of whole milk.

  • Big Frut Frutti di Bosco
    Jelly with 22% fruit juices and colorant free.

  • Big Frut Fiori d’Agrumi
    Jelly with 22% fruit juices and colorant free.

  • Big Frut Liquirizia
    The jelly with natural liquorice extract and no colorants.

  • Big Frut Melone e Anguria
    Jelly with 22% fruit juices and colorant free.

  • Selz Soda
    The legendary fizzy orange and lemon flavoured sweets.

  • Selz Cola
    The legendary fizzy cola sweets.

  • Morabon
    Soft rubbery sweet with natural liquorice extract.

  • Fine milk with Hazelnuts
    Fine milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

  • Nocciolato Gianduja
    Gianduja chocolate with whole hazelnuts

  • Fondentenero
    Dark chocolate with 72% cocoa.

  • Al latte
    The delicious milk chocolate bar with 30% fine cocoa.

  • Crema Novi
    Spread containing 45% hazelnuts.

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